Hello simplicity. Meet Web 2.0!

Welcome to Lovely Auer & Lovely Hour!

Say hello to simplicity. Say goodbye to complexity. 

As you can see in the tagline of this blog, you’ll hear from Lovely Auer how the things that may look complicated can be made simple and easy to understand. At least that’s the purpose of this blog.

True to the spirit of Web 2.0, I’ll keep my blog posts as fun as can be.

Wait a minute, Lovely. What’s Web 2.0? Well, never mind the technology jargons and buzzwords, like Web 2.0 (new and more interactive Web), blogs (Web logs), wiki’s, podcasts, AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), you name it.

In a nutshell, Web 2.0 is the collective efforts to create a new kind of culture–culture of sharing. People like you and me are chipping in and sharing what they have (assets and resources), what they know (expertise and answers), and what they do (voluneer services).

Why share? There are four drivers behind the culture of sharing:

  • Fun (self-expression)
  • Fame (reputation and attention)
  • Fortune (more value and rewards)
  • Fast innovation (through open collaboration and reuse)

I’ll expound on these topics in future blog posts. In the meantime, see Adam Park’s slides on slideshare.net to get a grip on what I have to say on Web 2.0.

Enjoy. Have a Lovely Auer!


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