Why the Best Speeches Are Stories

The media is buzzing today with talk of last night’s Iowa caucuses. The coverage includes the obligatory handicapping of who’s up and who’s down, but nearly every political pundit and blogger also has something to say about the candidates’ speeches. Whether you’re particularly interested in politics or not, the candidates’ performances in Iowa have something to teach business leaders about communication and public speaking.

So what’s the take away? Bert Decker, executive coach and CEO of Decker communications, compiled his yearly list of the best and worst communicators on his blog this week and Mike Huckabee, the Republican victor in Iowa, took top honors. Why? Besides being open and authentic, he peppers his speeches with SHARPs: Stories, Humor, Analogies, References, Pictures. And if you want your speech to connect with a crowd, Decker urges, so should you.

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