Growth? In What Shape?

Lately I come across S-shaped curves. I got the feeling that these curves are everywhere. Cells grow in S shape. So does bacteria. From population growth to ant colony to user community to even, guess what, businesses.


Some call it a Sigmoid growth curve. I perfer to call it an S-shaped curve, though. At the pole position is the J-shaped curve. This one’s known as exponential growth curve. That’s because the growth seems to go on and on with no upper limits to slow it down.

So, what does your experience tell you? In what shape the growth comes? In an S-shaped curve, or Sigmoid growth curve? Or, in a J-shaped curve, or exponential growth curve?

Any ideas or comments are welcome here.

P.S. I’m planning to post a series on growth curves and their incarnations in real life. So, brace yourself!


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