Is Exponential Growth A Possibility?

Look around you for a clue to the secret of growth, and you’ll find one S-shaped curve after another. Be it growth of population of people (as is proposed by Thomas R. Malthus) or bacteria, nature is full of Sigmoid curves. Web 2.0 sites or communities also grow in an S-shaped curve.

If this is the case, is it possible for an organization to achieve exponential growth, instead of Sigmoid growth? In other words, is an L-shaped growth possible at all, in the face of all these S-shaped curves?

David G. Thomson, management guru and founder and Chairman of Blueprint Growth Institute, Inc., says, “Yes.” Based on the analysis of companies that have done the IPO’s since 1980, Thomson found that the blueprint to a billion dollars or more in revenue is none other than an exponential growth.

One of the reasons why an exponential growth slows down is the scarcity of resources or carrying capacity of a society, a marketplace, or an organization. If businesses can overcome this limitation, they can achieve exponential growth. Or, they can accomplish a series of S-shaped growths, as is the case with the evolution of a complex system, like animals, humans, and civilizations.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that you can achieve exponential growth?


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