Who’s Lovely Auer?

Lovely Auer, author of this blog, has been actively engaged in business information technology for more than a decade.

Auer delivers some twenty speeches each year, on a variety of topics, including innovation, business transformation, Web 2.0, information technology, enterprise resource planning, service oriented architectures, and many more.

Also known as “Adam Park” among his friends and colleages, Auer contributes feature articles, columns, and byline articles for major trade magazines and daily newspapers. Auer shares with the media his keen insight into industry trends and the lifecycle of technology adoption.


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  1. Moon Choi says:

    Park SSN~
    I sometiimes visit your blog and learn a lot. Since I have learned a lot about web 2.0 and enterprise solution from you, I keep studying and finding information on these field. And I remembered your blog:) I could see pretty photos of June, she is really adorable~ Hopefully I will visit the office soon. Take care and thanks!
    Regards, Moon

  2. lovelyauer says:

    Hello Moon,

    I’ve only got an inkling about who you are. It’s just that you’ve popped up in a relatively unexpected place called blogophere!

    Anyways, thanks for leaving your footprints in the sand of my blog. I’ve almost forgot to update my blog these days, but thanks to you, now I’m back doing it again.

    Writing and speaking for public audience or reader is fun, and I really like it. Once again, thanks for reminding me of my forgotten joy of life. And great to see you online. That’s the beauty of serendipity, right? ^^;


  3. Engago says:

    Thanks Lovely Auer for mentioning our contribution to the Warshaw era.
    You have transposed it from the content consumption into the product consumption and made the link with the Long Tail.
    Possibly the Warshaw curve is complementary or more complete than the Long Tail.

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